Coverage TypeSame as YP + includes two price discovery periods to also insure some swing potential in commodity markets
Covered CropsTraditional row crops with some included specialty crops
UnderwritingBased on historical yields and acres of up to 10 year crop history + price discovery of two periods
during marketing year
Unit StructureBasic, Optional, Enterprise - by county, by entity, by practice
Coverage LevelCAT through 85% protection (5% increments)
Subsidized PremiumsDifferent levels with reduced % as coverage level increases
Discounted PremiumsNo discounts
Prevent Plant Coverage% of guaranty based on crop type, coverage level, and eligible acres
Replant CoverageFixed $ per acre after initial minimum replanted acres
Quality AdjustmentsAdjuster calculations reduced to yield factors
Guarantee LimitNo limit
Additional InsuranceMay need additional options/private products to cover all risks
Assignment of