Coverage TypeHistorical average crop genreated revenue or projected crop revenue - the lessor of the two. All commodities on a whole farm basis.
Covered CropsAny commodity that generates farm revenue and included on Schedule F of tax return. Must have two traditional crops to qualify / or any single specialty crop that traditional MPCI RP coverage does not exist.
UnderwritingAnalysis of 5 year Schedule F and current year projections. Prices used for commodities are supported by local markets and/or contract pricing. Includes additional revenue types not considered by traditional crop insurance.
Unit StructureAll inclusive by tax entity
Coverage Level50% - 85% protection (5% increments). 80 and 85% require 3 qualifying commodities.
Subsidized PremiumsDifferent levels with reduced % as coverage level increases. Whole farm subsidy levels are higher than traditional YP or RP.
Discounted PremiumsDiscounts due to crop counts (crop diversity)
Prevent Plant CoverageDifference in intended crop planting and actual planting as it relates to revenue projected and revenue realized
Replant CoverageActual cost to replant if underlying crop coverage (i.e. YP/RP) does not offer replant coverage.
Quality AdjustmentsDollar for dollar quality protection if due to insured causes based off of total revenue guarantee and actual revenue received.
Guarantee LimitMax $8,500,000 coverage per farming entity
Additional InsuranceEliminiates the need for additional coverage types. Can be written as a stand-alone coveage or as a supplimental coverage to traditional MPCI coverages
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