Covered CropsYield only coverage based on historical yield history + price set at application time of year
UnderwritingTraditional row crops with some included
specialty crops
Unit StructureBased on historical yields and acres of up to 10 year crop hisotry + price set at application time of year
Coverage LevelBasic, Optional, Enterprise - by county, by entity, by practice
Subsidized PremiumsCAT through 85% protection (5% increments)
Discounted PremiumsDifferent levels with reduced % as coverage level increases
Prevent Plant CoverageNo discounts
Replant Coverage% of guaranty based on crop type, coverage level, and eligible acres
Quality AdjustmentsFixed $ per acre after initial minimum replanted acres
Guarantee LimitAdjuster calculations reduced to yield factors
Additional InsuranceMay need additional options/private products to cover all risks
Guarantee LimitNo limit
Assignment of